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The Hospital

We are a unique model of healthcare, built with a focus on the patient and rooted in innovative business models that allow the delivery of high quality, affordable care


The renowned surgeons and medical specialists at Johnson Memorial received training at some of the best academic centres in the world. Utilising best practices, infection prevention protocols, and evidence-based techniques, we have attained high quality global rankings, including infection rates that are lower than most U.S. hospitals.

The Facilities

Our 21st Century facility incorporates visual, tactile, and sensory healing elements while removing many of the traditional obstacles associated with hospital stays. Some of our modern amenities include:

  • Overnight stay for patient’s visitors

  • Light-filled waiting rooms with comfortable furniture and a calming design

  • 4-Star multicultural dining facility

  • On-site registered dietician to customize meal plans based on dietary needs, i.e., gluten free, heart healthy, and vegan options

  • Fragrant herb garden for natural aromatherapy and relaxation

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Free Parking

  • Four-Star Visitor's Café offering healthy and nutritious meal options in a buffet style dining experience

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